10.000 Downloads Anniversary

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2011-03-21 10:43:21

We want to thank all the users and collaborators because we have reached 10.000 downloads and our web site is visited from more than 100 different countries.

jCOLIBRI 2.3 & COLIBRI Studio almost ready

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2011-04-21 10:48:23

We are finishing a new major release of jCOLIBRI with several improvements.
This new version is complemented by COLIBRI Studio a brand new CBR Development Environment implemented over the Eclipse Platform.

Here you can find some snapshots of the new tool:

COLIBRI Studio is here!

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2011-08-14 10:55:51

We have published the beta version of COLIBRI Studio. It includes a new release of jCOLIBRI: version 2.3.

Here you have a list of its features:
  • Develop your CBR systems without programming through its graphical tools.
  • Template based design: A catalog of already implemented CBR systems lets users select the most suitable system and adapt it to the concrete requirements of the target application.
  • Several wizards to create new CBR projects.
  • Automatic generation of the source code of your application.
  • Graphical design of the case structure
  • Graphical tool to configure the similarity measures.
  • Graphical configuration of the persistence of your cases.
  • All the development features provided by the Eclipse IDE: project configuration, team synchronization, compilation, execution, debuging, …
  • And… all the functionality of the jCOLIBRI framework.


New web

Pedro A.Gonzalez Calero, 2011-10-28 16:24:33

The new GAIA web is launched. We intend to use this new web to provide a more active difusion of our activities, posting regularly on publications, projects, achievements of GAIA members.


Pedro A.Gonzalez Calero, 2011-11-07 09:07:34

Pedro González talks about GAIA projects and research activities in this video

Survey to improve jCOLIBRI

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2011-11-21 11:05:38

Help us to improve jCOLIBRI. We are asking our users to fill the following survey.
It will take a few minutes and your answers would be very useful for the future of the framework.

COLIBRI Studio video

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2011-11-21 11:23:55

We have created a video showing the features of COLIBRI Studio. It shows the tools, wizards and the Template-Based Design process.

Madrid Game Jam 2012

GuillermoJiménez Díaz, 2012-01-12 11:57:27

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a unique game jam event occurring simultaneously around the world. Game jam participants join in small development groups to create a videogame in 48 hours. All Global Game Jam participants in all locations have the same restrictions about the developed game. These restrictions are announced when the event starts and each time zone has an additional and different restriction.

Madrid Game Jam 2012 is organized by a group of volunteers, members of GAIA (Group for Artificial Intelligence Applications) and instructors from the Master on Videogame Development at the Complutense University of Madrid. Madrid Game Jam 2012 local organizers encourage you to participate in this event from Spain and spend an unforgettable weekend doing what we enjoy: developing a videogame!

Madrid Game Jam 2012 will be held in Medialab-Prado facilities, which provide the opportunity to develop games for the digital facade, a screen where the games can hardly go unnoticed. Global Game Jam 2012 is scheduled for January 27-29, starting on Friday 5pm and finishing on Sunday 5pm.

The event will be broadcast on USTREAM TV. In the meantime, play with the videogames developed in previous editions (2009, 2010, 2011).

Visit the oficial Madrid Game Jam site for additional information:

La Global Game Jam (GGJ) es un evento único que se celebra simultáneamente en todo el mundo durante las mismas 48 horas. En este tiempo los participantes se juntan en equipos pequeños y trabajan para desarrollar un videojuego completo. Todos los participantes del Global Game Jam están sujetos a las mismas restricciones sobre el tipo de juego a desarrollar. Las restricciones se darán a conocer al comienzo del encuentro y cada zona horaria contará con una restricción adicional diferente.

La organización local del Madrid Game Jam 2012 es posible gracias al esfuerzo voluntario de miembros del grupo GAIA (Group for Artificial Intelligence Applications) de la Facultad de Informática y profesores del Máster en Desarrollo de Videojuegos de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Los organizadores locales del Madrid Game Jam 2012 os invitamos a aprovechar la oportunidad única de participar en este evento desde España, y pasar un fin de semana inolvidable haciendo juntos lo que más nos gusta: ¡crear videojuegos!.

Madrid Game Jam 2012 se celebrará en las instalaciones de Medialab-Prado, que ofrece a los participantes la posibilidad de desarrollar sus juegos para la fachada digital, una pantalla donde es muy difícil que los juegos pasen desapercibidos. El Global Game Jam 2012 comenzará a las 5.00pm del viernes 27 y acabará a las 5.00pm del domingo 29 de enero de 2012 (según el horario local de cada país).

Lo transmitiremos en directo a través de USTREAM TV y, mientras tanto, puedes ver los juegos que se desarrollaron en las ediciones anteriores (2009, 2010, 2011).

Si quieres más información visita la página oficial del evento:

Game (jam) over

GuillermoJiménez Díaz, 2012-01-30 23:11:22

The Global Game Jam celebrated during the last weekend has finished. 50 participants have developed 12 different videogames related to the Ouroboros (the serpent or dragon eating its own tail, which represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life). The games developed during this edition are published game jam site.
During this year, a group of local organizers also developed their own game: Me, myself and my ninjas. The game will be available soon is available here. Thank you for your work and we will see you on the next Game Jam.

News related with the Madrid Game Jam (in spanish):

GAIA participa en la organización de la Conferencia Internacional de CBR (ICCBR 2012)

BelénDíaz Agudo, 2012-02-02 11:23:01

ICCBR 2012 -International Conference on Case Based Reasoning (3-6 September) – Lyon -France

  • Belén Díaz Agudo (Program Chair)
  • Juan A. Recio García (Workshops Chair)
  • Pedro Gonzalez Calero (member of the Program Commitee)

Me, Myself and My Ninjas

GuillermoJiménez Díaz, 2012-02-02 16:50:49

This is the game that the Madrid Game Jam organizers developed during the Global Game Gam (small resolution 850×480):

The original version (1280×720) is here. We would like to thank to all the people that worked on the development:

  • Pedro Gonzalez
  • Federico Peinado
  • David Llanso
  • David Rodriguez
  • Fernando Matarrubia
  • Javier María Gonzalez
  • Irene Gabriel
  • Miguel Guardiola
  • Juan de Miguel
  • Guillermo Jimenez
  • Marco Antonio Gomez
  • Pedro Pablo Gomez
  • Everson Siqueira
  • Antonio Sanchez


Pedro PabloGómez Martín, 2012-03-13 23:01:47

Gaia is part of the Organizing Committee of Programa-Me, the second edition of the programming contest for professional training students of Madrid. A video of the first edition is available here! (spanish only)

iDÉAME 2012

Pedro A.Gonzalez Calero, 2012-04-16 16:02:36

GAIA organiza con Nintendo la cuarta edición de iDÉAME. El programa Fallo de sistema, de Radio 3, nos dedica una edición especial

COLIBRI Studio 1.0.0 is here!

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2012-08-31 21:00:25

We have published the first stable release of COLIBRI Studio. An introductory tutorial with some guided examples is also available at the web site.

COLIBRI Studio @ ICCBR12 Lyon

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2012-09-03 15:42:07

We have given a talk+tutorial of COLIBRI Studio at the International Conference on Case-based Reasoning.


Juan AntonioRecio García, 2012-09-03 15:44:26

Belén Díaz-Agudo is the Publictiy Chair of the 24th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning
Atlanta, Georgia, 31 October 2016
All the information at:

Belén Díaz-Agudo organized as the Program Chair the 20th International Conference on Case-based Reasoning in 2012.
Juan A. Recio is the editor of the Workshop Proceedings.
All the information at:

Belén Díaz Agudo, Pedro A. González Calero, Juan A. Recio García and Antonio Sánchez Ruiz-Granados belong to the ICCBR Program Committe.

GAIA gets Best Paper Award @ ICCBR12

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2012-09-06 08:34:43

GAIA gets the Best Paper Award at the 20th International Conference on Case-based Reasoning for the paper: A Case-Based Solution to the Cold-Start Problem in Group Recommenders, by Lara Quijano, Derek Bridge, Belén Díaz-Agudo and Juan A. Recio-García

Madrid Live

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2013-06-28 14:51:17

Vídeo presentación del proyecto de Sistemas Informáticos 2012-2013.
La aplicación puede utilizarse desde:

jCOLIBRI reaches 15.000 downloads

Juan AntonioRecio García, 2013-10-03 09:58:37

We want to thank all the users and collaborators because we have reached 15.000 downloads of the jCOLIBRI framework.15000downloads


Sociedad Española para las Ciencias del Videojuego

Pedro A.Gonzalez Calero, 2013-10-27 14:36:13

Miembros de GAIA promueven la creación de la Sociedad Española para las Ciencias del Videojuego:

International Conference on Case Based Reasoning ICCBR 2016

BelénDíaz Agudo, 2016-01-25 09:41:52

Belén Díaz-Agudo is the Publictiy Chair of the 24th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning
Atlanta, Georgia, 31 October 2016
All the information at:

Belén Díaz Agudo, Pedro A. González Calero, Juan A. Recio García and Antonio Sánchez Ruiz-Granados belong to the ICCBR Program Committe.

BelénDíaz Agudo, 2016-01-25 09:56:04

International Conference on Case Based Reasoning

Important Dates:
Paper submission deadline: April 29th, 2016
Notification of acceptance: July 1st, 2016
Camera-ready copies: July 22nd, 2016

AdaByron Concurso Universitario de Programación de la Comunidad de Madrid

BelénDíaz Agudo, 2016-01-25 10:49:23

Marco A. y Pedro P. Gómez Martín organizan el Concurso de Programación AdaByron. 26-27 de febrero de 2016